The symposium’s programme (PDF) updated April 7 (previous update April 2): KäTu2015_Ohjelma_7_4

This April 7 version is included as a paper copy in the symposium materials.

Finnish, Swedish and English are the primary working languages at the symposium and its sections. Contact the organizers for information about using other languages. NB: Only plenary presentations can be simultaneously interpreted.


The speakers of the 2015 plenary presentations are Translators Without Borders founder Lori Thicke with her lecture entitled “Using Language to Save Lives,” and professor of Translation Studies Kaisa Koskinen from the University of Eastern Finland with her presentation, Monikieliset yhteisöt ja translatorinen toiminta” (“Multilingual communities and translatorial action”).


The symposium’s workshops will be held in two-hour sessions and may be used to weigh in generally on a broad topic (as panel discussions or in small groups) or to investigate a specific subject together from a problem-solving standpoint (in the theme sections). There will be a total of four workshops, described below, which symposium-goers may sign up for during registration. Please note that the workshops will be held mainly in Finnish.

Workshop 1
Tieteen termipankki (Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences), Fri 10 April, 11 am – 1 pm
The workshop will be organized by Kaisa Koskinen (University of Eastern Finland)

Workshop 2
”Miten tätä oikein pitäs opettaa?” Tule kehittämään kääntämisen ja tulkkauksen opetusmenetelmävarantoa! (“How should we teach this?” Come develop the methods of teaching translation and interpretation!), Fri 10 April, 11 am – 1 pm
The workshop will be organized by Päivi Kuusi, Anne Rautiainen and Minna Ruokonen (University of Eastern Finland)

Workshop 3
Theme Section: Tulkit ja kääntäjät saavutettavuuden edistäjinä (Interpreters and Translators as Promoters of Accessibility), Fri 10 April, 4 pm – 6 pm
The workshop will be organized by Maija Hirvonen (University of Helsinki) and Liisa Tiittula (University of Helsinki). Proposals for presentations to this section may be sent to the email address (with the title “Theme Section on Accessibility”).

Workshop 4
Panel Discussion ”Asioimistulkit – yhteisökö?” (“Community Interpreters – Are They a Community?”), Sat 11 April, 2:30 pm – 4 pm
The panel discussion will be organized by Simo Määttä (University of Helsinki)


The presentations are 20 + 10 minutes in duration, and multiple parallel sections will be reserved for them. Posters are allotted their own hour-long presentation session (Fri 10 April, 6 pm – 7 pm) complete with refreshments.