The preliminary program of the course (subject to changes)

Time and place: Tuesdays (U40, 12) and Thursdays (U40, 8), 12-14

1.11 Introduction to the course: background assumptions and basic distinctions. Political ontology introduced. Post-foundational grounding.

3.11 The problems of, in and with democracy introduced.

8.11 Democracy continues. Some arguments of the theoreticians of the political.

10.11 no lecture (due to administrative duties)

15.11 Texts: Claude Lefort: “The Question of Democracy” and parts of “Permanence of the Theologico-Political” (Democracy and Political Theory, pp. 9-20 and 216-235) and Chantal Mouffe, “Democracy and Pluralism: A Critique of the Rationalist Approach”

17.11 Lefort, Mouffe, Arendt and Rancière.

22.11 Texts: Hannah Arendt, parts of The Human Condition, Jacques Rancière, “The beginning of Politics” and “Wrong”.

24.11 Rancière’s political philosophy continues

29.11 Texts: Rancière, “Democracy, Republic, Representation” and “The Rationality of a Hatred”, that is to say chapters 3 and 4 from the book The Hatred of Democracy.

1.12 Deliberative Democracy

6.12 Public holiday, no lecture

8.12 Text: Simone Chambers, “Democracy, Popular Sovereignty, and Constitutional Legitimacy”. Deliberative democracy continues.

13.12 Text: Seyla Benhabib, “Democratic Iterations: the local, the national and the global”

15.12 Final lecture and discussion

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