Curriculum Vitae

Kuurne (Ketokivi), Kaisa Mirjam (d.o.b. 10.03.1977)                              Uudisraivaajankuja 10 AS 1, FIN-00730 Helsinki, FINLAND, +358 40 705 1243, E-mail

Please, note my parental leaves: full-time 9.3.2018-24.4.2019, and part-time 25.5.2019-31.12.2019

Education and Academic Titles

Title of Docent in Sociology, especially in research on social well-being (9/2016) University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.                                                                                                                  

Doctor of Social Sciences (8.6.2010), Department of Social Research, Sociology, University of Helsinki, Doctoral dissertation “The Relational Self and the Social Bond and the Dynamics of Personal Relationships.”                  

Master of Social Sciences (1/2003), Sociology, University of Helsinki, Major: sociology, Minors: philosophy and social psychology (includes 1,5 years of Master-level coursework at the University of Minnesota, USA (1998-1999)


Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator, (Yliopistotutkija, hankkeen vastuullinen johtaja) Social and Public Policy, University of Helsinki                                                                                           

Adjunct Professor of Sociology (luennoitsija ja väitöskirjaohjaaja, 5/2019-, University of Helsinki & University of Eastern Finland, teaching three Master-level courses, supervising four doctoral students, leading two research groups while on part-time parental leave ).

Senior Lecturer in Sociology (Sosiologian yliopistonlehtori, MA, 1.1.2017-8.6.2018), Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio                                                           

University Lecturer in Sociology (Sosiologian luennoitsija, 2 kurssia,  1.9.-31.12.2016) Department of Social Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio Campus                                                                                                                                                  

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sociology (Tutkijatohtori, 1.3.2010-31.12.2016) Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki (Academy of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation).                                                                   

Fellow at the Institute for Public Knowledge New York University, USA (1.8.2011-31.12.2017)

Researcher in Sociology (Tutkija, tohtorikoulutettava 1.1.2004 –31.5.2010)
Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki (Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Academy of Finland-projects 2005-2007)

Part-Time Lecturer in Sociology (Luennoitsija, tuntiopettaja)
Adult Education Program, University of Helsinki (1.9.-31.12.2007)Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki (1.9.-31.12.2004)

Project Coordinator (Projektikoordinaattori, 1.8.2002-39.4.2003) The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Helsinki

Philosophy Teacher (Filosofian opettaja, 15.8.2000 –5.6. 2001) Haukilahti High School, Espoo

Visiting Positions

Visiting Scholar (2 months in 2012 and 1 month in 2013) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.                                

Visiting Scholar (1.2.-30.4.2011)
Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University                                             

Visiting Research Fellow (March of 2009) Pavie Research Center, University of Lausanne , Switzerland

Visiting Research Fellow (1.-31.1.2006),Care, Values and the Future of Welfare – Centre, University of Leeds, UK

Visiting Research Fellow (1.2.-8.2.2006)
Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life, University of Manchester, UK


Research Funding

2020-2023 Kone Foundation, ‘Battles over birth – Transition of birth culture in Finland’-research project, 491 800

2014-2017 Academy of Finland, Postdoctoral project for studying local community and belonging in Helsinki, New York City and Madrid, 379 775 €

2014 Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Grant for doing field work in New York City, 5000 €.

2011-2013 Belonging Today –Working Group, Grant for the Working Group including prominent scholars from New York University, Columbia University, CUNY, The New School and Rudgers, $ 17 500, New York University

2010 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Helsinki , Grant, postdoctoral project on the different styles of relatedness in personal relationships, 2010-2013 (25 000, 30 600, 30 000 €)

2009 Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Helsinki, Grant, work on doctoral dissertation ”The Relaationa Self, the Social Bond and the Dynamics of Personal Relationships. A Sociological Analysis”, 4000 €

2008-2009 Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Tampere, Grant, to work on doctoral dissertation, 40 600 €                       

2004 Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Tampere, Grant, to dedicate to work on doctoral dissertation, 20 300 €

Supervision of Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses

Doctoral Dissertations

Ulla Tikkanen (completed in 4/2016, University of Helsinki), on the spousal care of the elderly (co-supervisor)

Atte Vieno (in progress, University of Helsinki), on vulnerable careers and belonging under organizational restructurings (primary supervisor)                                                                                                                              

Titi Gävert (in progress, University of Helsinki) on the lifeworlds of the long-term unemployed (primary supervisor)                                                                                                                                                            

Eeva Itkonen (in progress, University of Helsinki) On c-section birth stories and culture  (primary supervisor)

Kitti Suoranta (in progress, University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio) on the personal relationships and support networks of aging heterosexual and homosexual men living solo (co-supervisor).                                                         

Aino Luotonen (in progress, University of Helsinki) on the organizing logic of close relationships co-supervisor)

I lead a research group entitled Belonging Today that meets in every 4-6 weeks to work together on ongoing research and publications. It includes my doctoral and postdoctoral advicees.

Master’s Theses: 13  

Teaching and Pedagogical Training


Master’s Thesis Seminar, Sociology, Social and Public Policy and Social Work

The Bonds and Boundaries of Belonging, Master-level course in social sciences

Bachelor seminar in sociology, Undergraduate course

Qualitative Research Methods, Undergraduate course & Graduate course

Sociological Theories, Undergraduate course and literature seminar

The Classics of the Social Sciences, Undergraduate course and literature seminar

The Social Networks of Multicultural Society, Undergraduate course

Historical and critical perspectives to sociological theory, Graduate-level course                         

Embedded agency – Experience and social bonds, Bachelor and Master-level course

Introduction to sociology, Undergraduate course

Personal relationships and individualized society, Research seminar for advanced undergraduates                                                                                                  

Perspectives to sociology, Advance placement course for high school students

Pedagogical Training: 10 credits of university pedagogic coursework (excellent remarks), University of Helsinki

Scientific Acknowledgements and Awards

2011 The Finnish Network of Qualitative Health Research, Prize awarded to my dissertation work as the best contribution in the field in 2010           

2003 The Finnish Youth Research Society, Helsinki, Master’s Thesis Award

Scientific Expert Positions

Evaluation and Reviewing

Evaluation of Docent Appication of Dr. Eriikka Oinonen, University of Turku (February 2018)

Evaluation of funding applications, The Fulbright Center (Finland)                                  

Reviewer of scientific articles, I have reviewed articles for journals like American Journal of Sociology, Sociological Theory, Sociology, City & Community, Ethnicities, Human Relations,  Acta Sociologica and Sosiologia                                                       

Reviewer of scientific books, I have reviewed books for example for Palgrave-McMillan and Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press 

Founding and Organizing Research Groups and Networks                                                                        

Founding Member and Organizer, ‘Birth Researchers in Finland (BIRRES)’ -interdisciplinary network (2020).

Founding Member and Organizer, Working Group ‘Belonging Today – Helsinki (2013-), University of Helsinki

Founding Member and Organizer, Working Group ‘Belonging Today’ (2011-2014), Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University                                                                                    

Founding Member, multidisciplinary Mood-network (2010-2013), A multidisciplinary forum for Finnish scholars, two meetings annually

Organizer of conference working groups, The Westermack Society, Annual Finnish Sociology Meetings, Research Stream Sociology and ’the Wild’ (2017, with Elina Paju), Belonging and Ways of Relating (2012, 2013 with Olli Pyyhtinen), Research Stream Family and kinship: theoretical questions (2006 with Mianna Meskus)

Editing Work

Editor, I have collaboratively edited three special issues and one book:

1) ‘Culture UnboundSpecial issue “Intimate Matters beyond Familiar” (with Andreas Hendrikson and Tara Mehrabi)                                                                                                                

2)‘Sosiologia’, Special Issue “Sosiaalinen sidos”, 2/2014 (with Jaana Maksimainen)                                  

3) European Societies’, Special Issue “At a crossroads: Contemporary Lives between Fate and Choice”, 11(3):2009, with Anna Bagnoli)                                                                                                                                                      

4) The Finnish Youth Research Society, Anthology of sociological chapters on young people’s paths to adulthood, ‘Polkuja ja poikkeamia – Aikuisuutta etsimässä’ (2005, with Sinikka Aapola)

Editorial Review Board Member (2007-2009; 2010-2015)
Sosiologia’, reviewing 4-6 articles per year

Invited Speaker

Keynote Lecture on Intimacy and Relationality, Intimate Matters Conference, Karlstad, Sweden (October 2017)

Invited talk on Community and Belonging, Urban Ethnography Workshop, Yale University (16.9.2013).

Keynote lecture on Rebuilding Life after Disruption, Finnish Sociological Association, Kuopio

Invited talk on The Relational Self, Institute for Public Knowledge, New York University (17.2.2011)

Invited talk on Personal Relationships, Morgan Centre, University of Manchester, UK (2006)

Total number of academic publications: 30                                                            

The current number of citations (based on Google Scholar): 528                                                                   

Societal Impact: Popularizing Social Sciences

Selected media coverage: National television (4 times), radio (3 times), dozens of expert interviews to newspapers, such as Helsingin Sanomat (6 times), Iltalehti and Kotimaa. Long articles of my work and life have been published, for example, in Helsingin Sanomat (2018), Viikkosavo (2018) and Kirkko & Kaupunki (2018).

Columns and popularized articles: I have written montly columns for Finnish Medical Journal, popularizing qualitative health research and commenting on timely social scientific discussions and ethical themes in the online journal (1.8.2010-18.6.2012), and Pyhäkoululehti, (a journal for volunteers in family work at the Finnish Lutheran Church), popularizing social scientific family research every other month (12/2014-2016). I have written popularized articles for different professional and public audiencese.g. Epilepsialehti, Palvelevan puhelimen juhlakirjan artikkeli, Suomen evankelis-luterilainen kirkko, Sydän, Mielenterveys, Pikkuväki, Simpukka [Finnish Infertility Association]).

Training professionals, volunteers and people  (selected organizations)                                                                                                          Perinatal mental health association (2020), Epilepsialiitto (2018); Elämänvoimaa-tapahtuma, Kuopio (2018); The Helsinki Parish Union (2016), Peijas Hospital, the psychiatric staff (2015), Diacor Medical Center, the therapeutic staff (2014); Väestöliitto, (2014); HUS, psychiatric staff (2013); Vantaa Prison psychiatric staff (2012), The Centre for Child Work (early education staff) (2011-2012), STAKES & University of Helsinki, 2008, Kataja ry, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, The Family Federation and several other organizations, 2008, lecturer (professionals on parenthood and couple relationship), The Parish Union of Helsinki, 2004, 2006-2008, Jorvi Hospital 2005 (psychiatric staff), STAKES, 2004