In English

Klaara is a network of easy-to-read language researchers, set up in May 2018, and located in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Helsinki. The purpose of Klaara is to promote linguistic research on EtR languages.

Klaara is a low hierarchy ecosystem, creating links between EtR researchers, users, Selkokeskus (Centre for Easy to Read in Finland), LL-Center, and other stakeholders.

With the term easy-to-read we refer to a simple form of language, used for communication with the three main user groups: people with intellectual or neurological disabilities, immigrants, and people with memory disorders. In Finland, selkosuomi (easy-to-read Finnish) and lättläst (easy-to-read Swedish) have been practiced since 1980’s. Out of the 5.5 million people currently living in Finland, around 600 000 people are considered as potential users of easy-to-read.

In Klaara, the researchers define their own goals and seek for their own funding. Besides of connecting people and ideas, Klaara helps EtR researchers to tell the story needed for funding applications or media.

Most of this website is currently in Finnish only. We wish to get the content translated in English soon.