Freshman Dictionary

Aimo Annos

A Kannunvalajat’s website for freshmen. Here you can find information concerning studies and student life in the Faculty of Social Sciences, oragnisational introductions and a broader dictionary for freshmen.

Student Organisation
An organisation to bring together the students studying a specific science or those interested in said science. The organisation also looks after their students’ benefits and organises differing events. Participation in the student organisations work is fun and open for everyone!

Examinarium exam
An exam without any supervisor present, the people are being overseen via a camera. Therefore the rules of the examinarium exams are more strict than in normal exams. You are only allowed to bring your student card and the key to a locker, where you can store your things during the exam (you need a 2€ pawn for the locker). It’s important to check the room and the identity of your specified computer before the exam, so you won’t lose any important time.

A study center based in Fabianinkatu, where you can study or use the computers. You can also get a magnetic key to use the space around the clock.

A space situated in the New Student House, where many of the sitsit and other parties are organised.

Oversees the function of the faculty and is responsible for the general functioning, HR and finances. The acting dean is professor Liisa Laakso.


The social research’s very own student magazine. You can contribute in the creation of the magazine by writing, photographing or making the layout. You can find Diskurssi here.

Domus Academica, which is situated in Kamppi. Domma has student apartments and plenty of student events.

The HYY Representative Council of 60 members is the highest decision-making body of the Student Union. The Representative Council is elected through the Representative Council elections every other year, where all HYY’s members have the right to vote and run as a candidate.

The most important costume a student can have while attending student events, no matter what the weather is. You can spot a social sciences student from their red overalls.

Student union for the University of Helsinki. Focuses on the students’ benefits and for example supports the student organisations financially and by offering properties to them.