Konstruktio ry has its board elections yearly in November or December. In the elections the chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary and 3-8 actual members are chosen. This terms’ board members and their contact information is listed below.

The Board of Konstruktio 2023

Silja Moisio
silja.moisio [at]

Nelli Pitkänen
nelli.j.pitkanen [at]

Teri Raatikainen
teri.raatikainen [at]

Secretary &  premises
Milja Melander
milja.melander [at]

Communications & environment 
Oona Lahikainen
oona.lahikainen [at]

Social media & culture
Saara Korhonen
saara.k.korhonen [at]

Corporate Relations & work affairs
Mea Salomaa

Event coordinator
Laura Tolonen
laura.b.tolonen [at]

Event coordinator
Kaisla Dove
kaisla.dove [at]

Studies & international affairs
Anna Heinonen
anna.b.heinonen [at]

Tutor coordinator & sports
Hanna Ikonen
hanna.e.ikonen [at]

Fresher coordinator, equality
Emmi Mikkilä
emmi.mikkila [at]