Hi there! I’m a PhD student studying early universe cosmology via simulations. I’m part of the Computational Field Theory group at the University of Helsinki. You can find more about me also from the University Research Portal.

My research focuses on the very first second after the Big Bang, more accurately on the first nanosecond when the electroweak phase transition takes place. In the Standard Model the phase transition is known to be a smooth crossover, but in beyond the Standard Model  theories the possibility for first order transitions exists. Such a transition may result in gravitational waves, and it could also help to explain why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe today. Detecting (or ruling out) gravitational waves from a phase transition could help us put constraints on beyond the Standard Model theories, thus acting as a complementary probe to particle colliders and offering us more information on the physics beyond the Standard Model.

In my free time I enjoy knitting, writing and painting.