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Urban Social Work Facilitating Immigrant Integration in Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Lahti (Kauko-project)

In Kauko-project the aim is to study and develop Urban Social Work practices and working methods that support integration and participation of immigrants in Finland. With the concept Urban Social Work we imply to social work professional practices dealing with social phenomenon typical to urban communities on individual, communal and also on structural level.

The research project is funded for two years (2017-2018) by the Helsinki Metropolitan Region Urban Research Programme. The project is carried out in co-operation with University of Helsinki, department of Social Work and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. The project is conducted in Helsinki metropolitan area (cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa) and in the City of Lahti.

Kauko-project pays attention to immigrants’ and social work professionals’ practical knowledge on integration work in Helsinki metropolitan area and Lahti. The focus is on immigrants who have lived in Finland a couple of years and who also have experience with public  and/or third sector services that aim to support and facilitate integration.

On the first year of Kauko-project, the main research data is collected with focus group interviews (separate groups for clients and officials) in public institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Lahti. With collected interview data we aim to answer the question: What are the factors that promote or prevent settling in and integration in Finland? On the second year of the project, development work will start based on the collected data and research.

Participating actors

University of Helsinki, Social Work

Professor Ilse Julkunen (Project Leader, University of Helsinki, Social Work)
D.Soc.Sc Erja Saurama
D.Soc.Sc Maria Tapola-Haapola
M.Admin.Sc. Anna Nurmi (Research Assistant)
M.Soc.Sc Päivi Heino (Research Assistant)

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

D.Soc.Sc Aija Kettunen (Project Leader, Diak)
D.Soc.Sc Marianne Nylund
Lic.A.Psych Aino-Elina Pesonen