CFP summer school 2017

Call for Papers

Summer School of Science and Technology Studies and Medical Ethics 8.–9.6. 2017, Helsinki

Organised by The Finnish Society for Science and Technology, The Finnish Association for Medical Law and Ethics; Funded by The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies in connection to the symposium “Experimentation and Evidence.”


Barbara Prainsack, King’s College London “Barbara Prainsack is a political scientist with expertise in the regulatory, social, and ethical dimensions of bioscience, biomedicine, and forensics. In the medical realm, her current work focuses on the emergence of personalised medicine and the ‘participatory turn’  in generating, analysing, and interpreting data.”

Michael Guggenheim, Goldsmiths, University of London “Michael Guggenheim’s work thus far has been defined by different yet connected themes relating to the relationship between experts and lay people, the role of objects for this relationship and on methodical and theoretical innovation derived from the combination of science studies with sociological theory.”

Coordinator: Karoliina Snell, University of Helsinki

Scope and practicalities

We are inviting contributions to this Summer School from students in science and technology studies and related fields, who address questions around experimentation, evidence and different forms of knowledge making, or any other topic relevant to science and technology studies or medical ethics.

For applying to the summer school, please send an abstract of your paper (max 300 words) by 23.4.2017 to

If you have preferences which one of the commentators you would like to comment on your work, please indicate this in the abstract.

The students will be informed by 29.4. about their acceptance. For the Summer School, the students are expected to write a paper (max 5 pages) and they can prepare 1-2 questions for the commentators to address. The deadline for the paper is 20.5. These should also be sent to

The Summer School is arranged in connection to the 2017 symposium for science and technology studies titled “Experimentation and Evidence”.


Track 021 at 4S/EASST conference in Barcelona Aug 31 – Sep 3 2016


Bioinformation management in data driven medicine

Conveners: Prof. Ilpo Helén, University of Eastern Finland; Dr. Karoliina Snell, University of Helsinki; Ass. Prof. Aaro Tupasela, University of Copenhagen

According to the vision by Leroy Hood, the future medicine will be ‘predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory’. This 4 P medicine is also data driven, because it requires and is able to mobilize massive amounts of data related to people’s health, lifestyles and biological functioning of the individuals and populations in all fields of health care: in biomedical research, in administration oh health care institutions, and even in clinical practice and personal health care. A crucial requirement for utilization of masses of heterogeneous and often fragmented bio- and health information is sophisticated and efficient information management that is able to combine different forms of information in an appropriate manner, modify information and knowledge for a wide range of uses, and guarantee fast and flexible circulation of information. Discussion of this track will concentrate on the rationales, practices and problems in collection, storage, circulation and uses of information in a massive scale in today’s medicine, with a special focus on impacts of digitalization in bioinformation management. We call for papers, first, about actual practices and challenges of bioinformation management in the settings of biomedical research, clinical work, administration or personal health care, and, second, about the ways collection, storage, circulation and uses of bioinformation shape medical practices and institutions.

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