The First Step

This is a new blog. Its title is White Math [upd: later changed to Walks On Math] and the description says “Mathematics for millions of people”.

My idea is to start blogging once or twice a week on some interesting mathematical topics. “Interesting” will have several meanings here. I will interchangebly write posts which are interesting for
(a) high school students
(b) begginer university math.students
(c) advanced university math.students
(d) mathematicians
(e) researchers in fields close to my own
(f) people working in other fields
It is quite clear that these options are (unfotunately) almost mutually exclusive, but I promise to make as much effort as possible to make my entries to be interesting to as to many of above cathegories as possible at the same time. I will write in English since I consider it as the most universal language nowadays and I have experience in writing math in English.

About Vadim Kulikov

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4 Responses to The First Step

  1. freiksenet says:

    What about OpenID commenting?

  2. vadik says:

    I think it should work now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you are racist! calling your blog white math! :P

    regards alex nuija :P

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