LHC And Artifial Inteligence Going Beyond Us

Two days ago, people of the CERN Control Centre and many other scientists in the world celebrated the successful collisions of LHC. LHC is a device mainly to obtain physical data about the microscopic world, but in fact also mathematicians were waiting for it.

The only reason, why mathematical problems are still solved by human mathematicians, but not machines, is because of the lack of computational power. Imagine a computer that is able to check all valid proofs of length [tex]10^{74}[/tex] starting from the axioms of ZFC* in less than a year. Here ZFC* means the axioms of set theory that have quantifier rank less than [tex]10^{30}[/tex]. This is far beyond any human mathematician has ever used or encountered. All known proofs are estimated to be shorter than [tex]10^{24}[/tex] digits if written in the formal language of set theory. And certainly no axiom of quantifier rank more than [tex]10^{30}[/tex] has ever been really needed for a proof

Such huge computational power has only been a dream. But in fact, the Large Hadron Collider gives the possibility of such a quantum computer I described above! This not only guarantees a machine-check for all known theorems, but will also provide answers to many open mathematical questions, maybe even such as P=NP, not even mentioning calculations of the digits of pi etc.. This Computer started running the same minute, LHC provided its first collisions. There are several reasons, why this has not been published in press: such possibilities will change the research of contemporary mathematics to completely new areas. This will change lives of many people and in particular affect the global economics, as there will be vastly more predictions about it, and as we know such predictions affect reality.

Just wait for a few months, and you will see how the number of mathematical results will grow.

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