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Euler’s Riddle

Please comment your solutions, questions and remarks.. I found in a recreational book the following riddle attributed to Leonard Euler. The book gives a clumsy solution involving solutions of quadratic equations, a lot of fractions and half a page of … Continue reading

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There was a generous break in the posts lately and I apologize for that. I promise to counterbalance this by posting some really tough stuff! soon… ;-)

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How To Find Your Way Out of Woods

Please comment your solutions, questions and remarks.. A lumberjack got lost in a forest. He knows that the area of the forest is S and that there are no meadows in the forest. Show that he can get out from … Continue reading

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The Most Important Relation In Mathematics 1

Part 1: Basics In this and few following posts I will argue that not only in mathematics, but in all human reasoning, the role of equivalence relations is crucial. The notion of an equivalence relation is the key to any … Continue reading

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