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Irrational Rectangles

Please comment your solutions, questions and remarks.. This riddle is not easy. I solved it only after I got a hint. I got the hint without wanting it though, and I was already thinking in the right direction; so with … Continue reading

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Uncountable Borel Sets

Here I promised post some tough stuff. Well, I meant some fruits of our recent research by Hyttinen, Friedman and I. I will not go into the subject here, just post a link to the forthcoming paper. There is an … Continue reading

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Ambient Isotopy

Note: One is able to do puzzles 2 and 3 without reading or understanding the text before them. In knot theory, people define equivalence of knots using the concept of ambient isotopy. Two knots (embeddings of the unit circle into … Continue reading

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Around Jordans Curve Theorem I

There are more or less three theorems that are often called Jordan Curve Theorems, while there is a distinction between them. Let us denote by E the Euclidean plane, [tex]E=\mathbb{R}^2[/tex] and by [tex]E^n[/tex] the Euclidean n-dimensional space, [tex]E^n=\mathbb{R}^n[/tex]. The Jordan … Continue reading

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