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In two weeks I start lecturing Topology I at our University. I am excited. This course was my favourite among the basic undergraduate courses. The course concentrates on metric topology and its goal is to prove simple results about complete … Continue reading

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Intellectual Lazyness

My friend gives private mathematics lessons to young pupils, mostly high school students who need some help in their curriculum math. Here is a story about a student of him. My friend asks him: how much is 5+6? The guy … Continue reading

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Time Limit: One Minute!

I found this lovely geometrical riddle in Martin Gardner’s book “My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles”. The most lovely thing about it is that Gardner gives a time limit: one minute! So, now draw out your stopwatch and read the … Continue reading

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Douglas Hofstadter: I Am a Strange Loop.

Two weeks ago I finished reading Douglas Hofstadter‘s 2007-book I Am a Strange Loop. I haven’t read other Hofstadter’s books and I want to write this review before I read any. My next Hofstadter-book is going to be Gödel Escher … Continue reading

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