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In two weeks I start lecturing Topology I at our University. I am excited. This course was my favourite among the basic undergraduate courses. The course concentrates on metric topology and its goal is to prove simple results about complete … Continue reading

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My Brain Is Open, the mathematical journeys of Paul Erdös: A Book Review

During my stay at the Mittag-Leffler Institute I read this book written by Bruce Schechter. The book is written in accessible English, so that I had no problems reading it though English is not my mother tongue. It tells the … Continue reading

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Tic-tac-toe And A Non-Constructive Proof

Usually the game tic-tac-toe is played on an infinite board (i.e. 30 times 40 or something). The two players draw X:s and 0:s to the squares of a notepad paper. Player 1 (beginner) is the X-drawer and the Player 2 … Continue reading

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