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I am back!

Now I can blog again: the ‘publish’ button returned to the user interface. Let me start the new era of Walks on Math by: * Changing the name of the blog into Walks on Mind * Posting an interview of … Continue reading

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Why I haven’t blogged

Dear readers, I haven’t blogged for a while. There are several reasons for that of which the main is that my blog server which forces me to use a strange user interface and which doesn’t allow me to access wordpress … Continue reading

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Five groups

Mathematicians are divided into five groups: those who can count to 2, those who can count to 3, those who can count to 4 and logicians.

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There was a generous break in the posts lately and I apologize for that. I promise to counterbalance this by posting some really tough stuff! soon… ;-)

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Jouko Väänänen’s Birthday Meeting

Let me advertise the meeting (in September 2010) whose web page I am maintaining: All logicians, are most welcome to the meeting! Other people are also welcome! :-P There will be two tutorials before the conference: by Andres Villaveces … Continue reading

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If You Beg For Money, You Might End Up Doing Math

Yesterday I was walking around with my friend in a market hall. Two girls of age 15 asked us whether we could give them 40 euro cents. It is about $0.6. We asked them what could we gain in response. … Continue reading

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LHC And Artifial Inteligence Going Beyond Us

Two days ago, people of the CERN Control Centre and many other scientists in the world celebrated the successful collisions of LHC. LHC is a device mainly to obtain physical data about the microscopic world, but in fact also mathematicians … Continue reading

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The Drunken Finn

I just learned that the guy I talked about here, the one who goes randomly left or right, is known as the Drunken Finn. :-)

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Now this address redirects here. Also still redirects here.

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Walks On Math

We’ve got a new name. The new name attempts to give a better impression of the nature of this blog. The posts mostly concern those mathematical entities that are currently dominating my mind in addition to my main research. Includes … Continue reading

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White Math Days

We had literally white Mathematics Days in Jyväskylä. For more pictures

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New Year Report

I started this blog November 18:th last year, almost one and a half months ago. I want to thank Mittag-Leffler Institute for providing the inspiring atmosphere which enabled me to do so. Since then White Math has had 461 visits … Continue reading

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Wednesday Problem

I shall start a tradition of a Wednesday Problem. Thus every Wednesday I shall (try to) post a mathematical puzzle or an exercise. I will try to indicate the level of the problem on the scale 1-5, 1=simple, 5=advanced. High … Continue reading

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The First Step

This is a new blog. Its title is White Math [upd: later changed to Walks On Math] and the description says “Mathematics for millions of people”. My idea is to start blogging once or twice a week on some interesting … Continue reading

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Not yet a blog, but already [tex]\LaTeX[/tex]

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