How to Read This Blog

Anyone can read it in anyone’s preferred manner.

But there is one special thing about this blog: even though the articles are ordered in chronological order (apart from being also classified under Categories and Tags), there is no reason why a newer entry would be even the tiniest bit more valuable than an older one. Any entry of this blog could serve as well a new one as an old one. I have even considered cycling them when I have no time to update. This is not a political blog, you see.

Unfotunately I have noticed that many even of those readers, who enjoy following my blog, stop reading it when I stop updating. But this should only happen if they have already read all the posts!

No new posts? Go and find an old one that you haven’t read! You can start searching here.

On Wednesdays I tend to publish Wednesday problems. The complete list is here. Comments and solutions are welcome.

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