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Developing intercultural and inter-worldview sensitive teaching and counselling

What is intercultural and inter-worldview sensitivity?

By intercultural and inter-worldview sensitivity we mean sensitivity and the ability to reflect on one’s own cultural background, worldview and the concept of man, as well as, to have appreciative interaction with people from various cultural backgrounds and worldviews. Inter-worldview sensitivity also refers to sensitivity towards how one interprets and practices his/her worldview. This approach diminishes the impact of diverse preconceptions on the encounter. Although sensitivity withholds a positive attitude with the intent on understanding, it does not mean accepting everything. Instead, sensitivity enhances the ability to negotiate issues concerning culture and worldviews.

What is the goal of the project?

The project is conducted in a  research-based manner and consists of the planning, conducting and evaluation of training units that will be carried out  in teachers’ and study counsellors’ initial and in-office training.  These different training units will be included in study counsellors’ training in the University of Jyväskylä and in the teacher education and studies of theology in the University of Helsinki. In-office training will be arranged for the teachers and counsellors working within the Finnish-speaking education of the city of Espoo and it will include support for implementing intercultural and inter-worldview sensitivity in the schools concerned. The objective in increasing intercultural and inter-worldview sensitivity is to improve the integration of pupils from different cultural backgrounds and worldviews into the Finnish educational system, thus increasing educational equality.

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Institutions and funding

The Faculties of Theology and Educational Sciences in the University of Helsinki and the Department of Teacher Education (Faculty of Education and psychology) of the University of Jyväskylä are responsible for training and research in the project.

The city of Espoo (Finnish-speaking education) and Viittakivi Ltd. as a representative of settlement movement are the partners of the project.

The project is one of the Teacher education development projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Part of the project is funded by Viittakivi Ltd.


Project leader Tapani Innanen,

Post-doctoral researcher Anuleena Kimanen,