FiCLA symposium on language and thought

Date(s) - 30/08/2018

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Call for papers –  FiCLA symposium on language and thought
Time: 30th August 2018
Place: House of Science and Letters, Helsinki, Finland

The relation between language and thought remains as one of the central theoretical challenges for modern linguistics. The challenge is not only philosophical one but underlies the very practical attempts to ground linguistic description in underlying cognitive processes or, vice versa, psycholinguistic description of linguistic activity. Simultaneously, the expanding psychological research areas of intersubjectivity, social cognition and design thinking have made substantial advance in our understanding of the social/cognitive interface that is highly relevant for linguistics.

FiCLA, Finnish Assiociation of Cognitive Linguistics, would like to invite you to the FiCLA Symposium on Language and Thought, that will be held in Helsinki 30th August 2018 (full day). The aim of the symposium is present and discuss state-of-the-art approaches to language/thought interface either from empirical or theoretical perspective. The symposium is organized in collaboration with the research project Language and thought of technology design (U of Helsinki, U of Jyväskylä).

The preferred themes include, but do not restrict to:
– Interdisciplinary (linguistic/psychological) empirical studies and theoretical papers
– Advances and case studies in empirical cognitive semantics and pragmatics
– Applied cognitive linguistics: e.g. studies of conversational semantics, text semantics, linguistic processing.

As the plenary speaker, we have confirmed professor Huili Wang (Dalian University of Technology). In addition to presentations, the symposium will include a poster session.

Abstracts for proposed papers and posters are requested by July 31. Abstracts are submitted in The accepted abstracts will be announced by August 7.

Registration: registration will be opened after the abstract submission has ended. The registration fee of the symposium is 20 euros.
Venue: House of Science and Letters, lecture hall 309, Helsinki, Finland.
Contact: Tapani Möttönen (, +358 400 457 311)