Found in Translation project presentation at Charles University’s Fred Jelinek Seminar Series

Professor Jörg Tiedemann gave a talk at the Charles University in Czech Republic on the 18th June as part of their Fred Jelinek Seminar Series.


Found in Translation – Learning to understand languages with cross-lingual grounding

Translated texts are semantic mirrors of the original text and the significant variations that we can observe across languages can be used to disambiguate the meaning of a given expression using the linguistic signal that is grounded in translation. We are interested in massively parallel corpora consisting of hundreds up to a thousand different languages and how they can be applied as implicit supervision to learn abstractions that could lead to significant improvements in natural language understanding. As a side-effect, we can also see how multilingual models can pick up essential relationships between languages building a continuous space with reasonable language clusters. I will talk about some initial results and plans for the future and I would like to get your feedback about those ideas.

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