Chryssa, Athens, Greek

I’m Chryssa, I’m from Greece and my mother tongue is Greek. I live in Athens, so I speak the “latest version” of Greek (in some other cities or villages, Greek language can have a lot of idioms and different pronunciations). I’m trying to learn Finnish recently, since I’d like to feel more local here and I like the language itself, because it has a lot of vowels. I can’t really express myself in Finnish yet, but I speak in Finnish when I’m in the market (- Moi -Kiitos).

Sometimes Finnish is a bit funny to me, cause some words are heard like greek ones but they mean something completely different. For example, kaikki is the fishing boat or we use the ending -aki to greek words whenever we want to say that something is tiny or cute, but in Finnish a typical ending to plenty of names and words.

Αθήνα σε Βικιπαίδεια:

Kreikkalaiset aakkoset:

Apteekki, poliisi, disko, kirurgi, auto… they all have a Greek origin!

Greek on World Atlas of Languages:

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