The year in pictures

January: The staff of the Language Centre prepares to advise international students at the traditional Welcome Fair.

February: The first language club participants of the spring ventured outdoors on a wintry afternoon. The language clubs were suspended after spring 2017, but they will return in 2018 with a new concept.

March: Eija Ådjers (left) and Leena-Maija Åberg-Reinke of the Language Centre were rewarded for their 30-year careers at the University of Helsinki.

April: The Language Centre’s highly skilled new partners at the Confucius Institute are delighted about the two units’ agreement on teaching-related cooperation.

May: The first assistants recruited by the Support for Teaching and Learning Unit (OOTU) reflected on their spring while enjoying the sunshine in the centre of Helsinki.

June: A large number of staff from the University of Helsinki Language Centre participated in the Language Centre Days in Kuopio.

August: The staff celebrated the anniversary year with a recreational trip to Vyborg.

October: At the annual KoeKampus event, the autumn’s new OOTU assistants talked to upper secondary school pupils about different cultures and inspired them to study languages.

November: The Language Centre participated in the annual Bring Your Child to Work Day. Five-year-old Taimi sent her greetings to Language Centre staff.