Latin and Greek in the Universities of the 19th century Russian Empire: a Digital Overview

Alexei Kouprianov

My talk will be based on a system of databases covering different aspects of Russian University life of the Imperial period. I will give a short survey of the corpus of Classics’ scholars teaching at the Imperial Russian Universities, including Imperial Alexander University, i.e. former Academy of Turku/Åbo that was relocated to Helsinki – then Helsingfors –  in 1827 and that would become University of Helsinki after 1917, when Finland claimed its independence. I will present a collective biography of these scholars, paying special attention to their status within the university, mobility, and career patterns. Another topic of the talk will be composition of Classics curriculum in Imperial Russia based on the analysis of a database of lecture announcements of Moscow University.


Alexei Kouprianov is associate professor at National Research University “Higher Scool of Economics” (St. Petersburg), Candidate of Science (Ph. D. equivalent) in History of Science and Technology. Originally an entomologist, he has been working as a historian of science and a historian of universities for the past two decades. One of his most important projects (still in progress) is a biographical database of Russian professoriate (1755-1917) that now covers several thousands of academic employees from nine out twelve Imperial universities of Russia. He is currently a visiting KONE fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.