Introducing the Legal Anthropology Research Colloquium

What is the role of law in society? What has led to the globalisation of international law? How does anthropology contribute to our understanding of tradition, kinship, property and human rights? These are some of the questions that the discipline of Legal Anthropology engages with.

A reading group on Law & Anthropology seeks to engage with some of these themes and aims to bring participants working or interested in the field of legal anthropology to discuss the developments in the discipline. Anthropology of Law, while a burgeoning field, has received scant academic attention in both disciplines – law and anthropology.

In each meeting, the group would discuss new or emerging work on the subject, a project or paper that participants may be currently working on and readings assigned for discussion. The purpose of the group is not merely to discuss readings or current literature, but also encourage conversations between researchers that situate themselves between the two disciplines of law and anthropology and respond to each other’s inquiries on the subject.

The reading group would be open to all researchers; this includes graduate students and postdoctoral students at the University. Graduate students attending the reading group would receive credits for participating in the seminar.

The group is presently helmed by Dr. Kaius Tuori, Dr. Reetta Toivanen, Dr. Susanne Dahlgren and Sonal Makhija.

The first group would meeting will take place at the University of Helsinki on September 17th, 2013 at Porthania room 525 (Yliopistonkatu 3).

If you are interested, kindly reach out to Kaius Tuori (kaius.tuori (a) to confirm your participation. You can also sign up via WebOodi (search for “22249, Legal Anthropology Research Colloquim, 4 op”).