Join the “Towards a Summer Job!” virtual event on Thursday, January 20th!

Are you looking for a summer job or a traineeship? Or wondering how to fix your job application or how to verbalize your skills? Are you looking for job opportunities in STEM and life sciences in English-speaking companies or interested in Finnish work culture as an immigrant?

The Towards a summer job! -event on Thursday, January 20th at 09.00 – 16.30 is a virtual career fair that gives you the opportunity to meet companies that are offering summer jobs and to participate in workshops to support your job search! The event is hosted by the Career Services of the University of Helsinki, and will be partially in Finnish / English.

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Slush Y Science 2021 is just around the corner!

The Slush Y science is an official side event of Slush 2021 – the biggest startup conference in the North. Y Science brings together the curious scientific community and the business world to inspire concrete action and contribution to the society in the field of life sciences.

Y Science 2021 will take place on December 1st, 2021, 12.00-16.00, in Messukeskus, Helsinki, and the event programme will be divided into three sessions, each with its own pitching competition.

The event will also provide time slots dedicated to networking, so anyone in the audience can have the possibility to connect with other Y Science attendees and set up meetings with a designated matchmaking app. Moreover, since the event will have a hybrid format, attendees will also be able to follow the event remotely and schedule online meetings.

This year the event will be hybrid, allowing participants to attend it in person or virtually.  Registration for the side event is free of charge.

For more information about the program and Slush Y science, visit the event page. 

Join the student hackathon Planetary Health

Climate change, Biodiversity loss and Human health are often treated as separate challenges. In reality, the health of the environment is linked to our own health and well-being! One example is the link between poor air quality and asthma or heart diseases. Cities will continue to grow and our environment is rapidly changing. Your task is to take on Planetary Health challenges to ensure the safety and well-being of the Planet and our own. You’ve got this, superhero!

Join the student hackathon Planetary Health (climate, biodiversity, urbanisation and human health interactions) this 26-28 November! During the weekend students of environment / climate / health / social sciences to work together to co-design projects or good practices to tackle Planetary Health challenges. At the end, you and your group will deliver final pitch in the form of project idea, proposals, or a service app demo that address the Planetary Health challenges, with a chance to present it to investors at Slush Y Science. 

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Applications still open for Slush Y science pitching competitions

Are you already on the path of turning your discovery into action? Our pitch-competitions are for you!

In 2021, Y Science will host three pitching competitions, one for each of the main sessions in the program. The applications for the SynBio pitching competition are already closed, but you can still apply to be one of the finalists for the others:

All finalists will receive pitching training from experienced communication specialists before the event, as well as a ticket to attend Slush and the opportunity to showcase their idea to potential investors on December 1st.

The winner of each competition will be granted a 5,000 euros prize to take their exciting idea further!

The Slush Y science is an official side event of Slush 2021 – the biggest startup conference in the North. Y Science invites all those enthusiastic about life sciences and commercialization of research for a moment of mutual enlightenment on December 1st. Registration for the side event is free of charge. For more information about Slush and Slush Y science, visit the event page. 

SPARK Finland webinar series: Entrepreneurial mindset and business thinking in Life sciences

During the  Fall 2021 SPARK Finland organises webinar related to Health technology and life science business.

Webinars contain moderated discussion with guest speaker and questions from audience related to the topic.

Time: Sep 14th at 2.15pm-3.45pm (Finnish time)

Topic: Entrepreneurial mindset and business thinking in Life sciences

Guest speaker: Pirgit Silvast-Äikäs, RN, CEO in Smart PD Solutions,  which is developing a novel monitoring system for Peritoneal Dialysis patients. She is a part -time entrepreneur and an assistant in a research and developing project in HUS.

Registration to Zoom meeting here! 

Get to know more about upcoming events featuring Spark Finland here. 

BioFinland Pitching Competition at European Biotech Week 2021

Assemble a stellar team and let the world know about your business idea!

Come join biotechnology experts on the European Biotech Week on lectures, school events, seminars and networking events virtually all across Finland! EuropaBio organizes the annual European Biotech Week Sep. 27th – Oct. 3rd 2021. The event is coordinated in Finland by Finnish Bioindustries ry. with an aim to raise awareness about the latest accomplishments and opportunities in Europe and Finland. You can read more about the program for the Biotech Week here.

The week culminates on a pitching competition for students with spectacular prizes! The winning team is awarded with 1000€ and a spot at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square. All teams will get professional feedback and valuable pitching experience in front of a board of experts.

The aim of the pitching competition is to encourage students to take a more positive stand towards biobusiness and entrepreneurship. Finnish Bioindustries invites all the students in Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences (bachelor, master, doctoral, graduate school students) to participate in the competition. Registration opens on May 3rd and closes on the 20th of August.

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Open uni: Data Analysis with Python, Summer 2021 (5 cr)

Welcome to Data analysis with Python – Summer 2021!

What is typically done in data analysis? How to manipulate big data to discover relationships and patterns? How to use statistical  models to predict future outcomes? How does machine learning work?

These are all important questions for a contemporary  life science expert to answer. In this course an overview is given of different phases of the data analysis pipeline using Python and its data analysis ecosystem. No previous knowledge of Python is required.  The course is available until September 15, 2021, with a recommended latest starting date of August 1, 2021. Read more and enroll here for free!

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Matching young international talents in Finland with Finnish companies – Online EVENT!


“Company: Let us help you find your talent!
Young talent: will you find your dream job in Finland?”

The event is organised virtually on the 25th of March and is targeted for:

  1. Companies that operate in Finland and are in need of talents
  2. Young international talents in Finland that are interested in working while studying and/or finding a job after their studies.

There are a lot of young international talents in and graduating from Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences that are looking for opportunities for summer jobs, internships as well as entry level positions. This event is all about bringing these talents & companies together! Especially at these times when it is difficult to fill the possible shortages of employees from outside Finland – why not look into the talented people already in Finland?

Click below for more information on registration and event schedule

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Virtuaalinen ChemBio Finland on tulossa!

ChemBio Finland -tapahtuma siirtyy vuodella eteenpäin kevääseen 2022. Tänä keväänä järjestetään kuitenkin virtuaalinen ennakkotapahtuma ChemBio 2021, jonka ajankohta on keskiviikko 28.4.2021!

Virtuaalinen ennakkotapahtuma tarjoaa tiiviissä muodossa kiinnostavia makupaloja ChemBion tulevasta ohjelmasta ja mahdollistaa ammattilaisten ja opiskelijoiden kohtaamisen tänäkin vuonna. Huhtikuun virtuaalitapahtuman rekisteröinti aukeaa 18. tammikuuta. Tapahtuma on kävijöille maksuton.

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Apply for Aalto-Helsinki iGEM 2021 team!

We are still recruiting Aalto University and University of Helsinki BSc and MSc students to form a new iGEM team to represent Finland in the world’s largest synthetic biology competition iGEM held next year in Paris (if the situation next Autumn allows).

What’s iGEM?

Being a part of an iGEM team allows you to plan your own research project from scratch, It consists of three phases. In spring you will get to know your team members and decide on the project you will try to develop during the summer. Team will also reach out to companies and gather funding. The summer consists of practical work and testing your design. In autumn you will present your project and compete with other iGEM teams for the Grand Prize, as well as other Track and Special Awards.

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