3rd LingDA Student Conference

The MA Programme Linguistic Diversity in the Digital Age (LingDA)’s conference, originally scheduled on May 5th 2020, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic. It will be rescheduled when circumstances allow. In the meantime, stay safe, cozy up and read some linguistics papers at home!

The LingDA Student Conference is an event where students from the University of Helsinki, within linguistics and linguistics-related studies, gather to present research, to network and socialize.
The LingDA Student Conference aims to bring together students from LingDA and other linguistics-related programmes and to provide an opportunity to showcase and discuss finished or ongoing MA thesis work, or to share research ideas, plans or proposals, which could benefit from the feedback of participants.

All LingDA students and students of LingDA-related subjects in the old system: especially, but not exclusively, General Linguistics, Language Technology, Phonetics, Finnish and Finno-Ugrian Languages, African and Asian Languages, as well as teachers and researchers affiliated with LingDA, are warmly invited to join the third edition of the LingDA Student Conference.

If you have any questions about the conference, please email us at lingda-conference@helsinki.fi.
Conference Coordinators: Alexandr Semenov, Sara Carrier-Bordeleau.