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Literatura en español escrita en Finlandia


La revista Aurora Boreal dedica un número especial a la literatura en español escrita en Finlandia coordinado por David Gambarte. La revista contiene cuentos, poesía, artículos, una entrevista y más. Puedes descargarla aquí.

Los autores incluidos son Carina Chela, Juan Miguel Díaz Castro, Marcel Jeantschke, Martina Miño Pérez, Roxána Crisólogo, Yesmith Sánchez, José Antonio Ruiz, Ernesto Navarro, Leonardo A. Espinosa leal, Yolanda Leal, Lois Armas y Alejandro Pedregal.

Discussions on multilingual literature in Finland

Os dejo aquí abajo información sobre un evento relacionado con la temática del curso.

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Meeting Point Café welcomes you to a series of discussions on the quirks of multilingual literature in Finland today. Invited authors will also read their literary works. The City of Helsinki is sponsoring this event, also made possible by the support of SIVUVALO Platform.

19.9.2019 at 18:00-20:00 “On Bridges, Voices, and Enclosures”
Pasila library

“On Bridges, Voices, and Enclosures” is aimed at unraveling the diasporas of artists in a world where intellectual capital is increasingly concentrating in the postindustrial democracies of Northern Europe. How to write the lands you left behind? What alchemy or secret synthesis is necessary to blossom spiritually in a new semiosphere? What possibilities emerge for a literature that tries to make sense of a vanished home and a foreign future? Our three guest writers, Hope Nwosu, Mustafa Hamid and Zoila Forss, will address these questions and read their literary works.
The discussion will be held in English and hosted by Gökçe Sandal, a researcher in arts with Master of Cultural Studies from the University of Helsinki.

  • Hope Nwosu (NG/FI): an award winning author with English language and Literature degree from Nigeria University. She writes short stories and novels.
  • Mustafa Hamid (IRQ/FI): poet and short story writer, studied law in Iraq and journalism in Egypt.
  • Zoila Forss (PE/FI): poet, translator and graphic designer with studies of social communication, from San Marcos University of Lima, in Peru. She works on Rosetta Versos and published “Revontuli” and “Syytön harppuuuna”.

Tea, fruit and snacks will be served for free.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/367337487528494/