Interviews and more by NoxLit

To showcase the richness and diversity of Nordic Literature, NoxLit will publish interviews with Ida Börjel, Roxana Crisólogo and Leif Holmstrand, as well as a talk by Cia Rinne this fall. NoxLit will also publish and spread interviews with US-Mexican poet and artist Tanya Huntington and Mexican artist Mónica Nepote, with the aim to establish contacts and collaborations between Nordic and Mexican creators, and to put perspective on the migrant experience and the relationship between creator and his/her surroundings, and to take a broad focus on the concept of “language” and “writing” as art form”.
The interchange will be mainly through interviews, talks and readings online with Nordic and Mexican writers and artists. The video interviews will be subtitled in Spanish and Swedish respectively to make them accessible to a wide audience.