EUI and LOSS-Project data protection workshop

The EUI InfoSoc Working Group, Professor Martin Scheinin and the LOSS Project invite for a workshop on Data Protection in Europe on Wednesday 25th February 10.00-16.00, Mansarda, Villa Schifanoia, EUI, Florence, followed by a reception.

The future of European Data Protection Law is yet to be determined. 2012 Commission’s proposal for the Regulation unifying and modernizing current DPL is one of the most lobbied legislative documents Brussels have ever witnessed, and hardly in its final shape. In the meantime, ECJ’s decisions in Digital Rights Ireland and Google Spain set tone to the discussion, taking place in the shadow of TTIP.

The purpose of the workshop is present up to date knowledge on the current state of affairs in the debate over Data Protection Law Reform, and present for discussion results of research concerning i.a. questions of the right to be forgotten, mass surveillance, private CCTV and freedom of expression in digital age.

Welcome! Please register here.

Detailed Program

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