Seminar: Privacy, Technology and Digitisation

The Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki organised a seminar titled ‘Privacy, Technology and Digitisation’

on the 26th and 27th of October 2016PTD2016

in Helsinki. The seminar assembled scholars and practitioners to discuss current issues related to technology and digitization. The interdisciplinary event brought together legal scholars, scholars from other disciplines and practitioners (industry, advocacy, and government). The aim was to foster new connections and inspire creative debates between academia and practice.


Wednesday 26 October at 10.00-16.00

Porthania PII, Ylipistonkatu 3, Helsinki

10:00 Words of welcome by Susanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo and Jens Kremer

Current challenges to (privacy) law 10.15-11.45,

  • Counsel Tobias Bräutigam (Bird & Bird): GDPR – what are key concepts on how to regulate information?
  • Senior Inspector Anna Hänninen (Data Ombudsman’s Office): EU’s data protection regulation – the supervisory authority’s point of view
  • Professor Tuomas Ojanen (UH): Legal constraints governing electronic surveillance in Finland

Lunch break

Technology and law 12.45-14.15

  • Professor Peter Blume (University of Copenhagen): The EU data protection regulation – legal protection of privacy vs. economic interests
  • Senior Legal Counsel Leena Kuusniemi (Rovio): Technology – enabling or limiting rights?
  • Professor Ellen Eftestöl-Wilhelmsson (UH): Digitalisation and legal challenges in transport law


Social and political perspectives on digitisation 14.30-16.00

  • Professor Mikko Tolonen (UH): Access to data in digital humanities research
  • University Researcher Minna Ruckenstein (UH): Datafication – views from below
  • Archive Director Outi Hupaniittu (‎Finnish Literature Society, SKS): Right to be Remembered – Archives, Digitization and Problematic Privacy



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