Event: Town Hall – Privacy in the 21st Century

Privacy. One of the most important topics of the 21st century. Personal data is the new oil and all the new innovative ways in which it is used push the limits of privacy. The world is going digital and therefore the matters of privacy should be examined thoroughly. The new General Data Protection Regulation keeps everyone on their toes. Research on privacy has become more significant than ever before. Privacy researchers are working on answering and discussing questions that rise from the new frontiers of digitalization.

IAPP, Faculty of Law, and LOSS Project at University of Helsinki decided to bring together privacy researchers to a Town Hall seminar.

In an upcoming seminar, our moderators Milla and Tobias will be interviewing four privacy researchers about their recent work. This event will move away from the traditional “presentation and questions” approach and instead use an interactive interview and “town hall”approach.

The privacy seminar will begin with an interview of a particular researcher, after which audience members will have the chance to ask follow up questions via FLINGA. This will allow for an engaging discussion, aimed at researchers, students and professionals.

We will cover questions like Bots and AI, MnA and privacy, privacy enhancing technologies and fundamental rights.

PLEASE REGISTER via online form at:

https://goo.gl/forms/E9rPczQvFXmS2rgv2 (Places are limited!)

IAPP members: Please register via IAPP

More information on the speakers and topics coming up!

When? 11 May 2017, 17.00-19.00 (reserve some time to chat later)
Where? Porthania (Yliopistokatu 3), PII.
Who? Tobias Bräutigam (IAPP representative and interviewer) & Milla Keller (interviewer)
Panel: Nazanin Gifani, Helena Gunst, Maria Wasastjerna & Sam Wrigley



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