University of Helsinki, May 16-18, 2018



(all over 100 individual papers to appear only in early December)




8.30-9.30 Registration

Registration Desk opens at 8.30 am (Topelia, Unioninkatu 38A)

(Conference Office: Topelia, Room A109)


10.00-12.00 Opening Ceremonies & Keynotes

(University Main Building, Great Hall, Unioninkatu 34)


Chair: Conference President Mikko Saikku (University of Helsinki)

Greetings by the American and Canadian Embassies (to be confirmed)

Opening of the Conference by Rector Jukka Kola (to be confirmed)

  • American Studies Keynote by Amy Kaplan (University of Pennsylvania):

Title TBA

  • Canadian Studies Keynote by Graeme Wynn (University of British Columbia):

“Ideas, Ideals, and Ideologies: Maps of Canadian Nature”


12.00-13.00 Lunch (Unicafe Topelia)


13.00 -14.30 Wednesday Early Afternoon Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A132, A105, A106)

A132: PANEL “Words Can Change”: Identities, Ideology, Boundaries, and Revision in the Writing of Louise Erdrich

A105: America Going to the Movies and to the TV

A106: Methods, Values, and American Historiography


14.30-15.00 Coffee (Unicafe Topelia)


15.00-16.30 Wednesday Late Afternoon Parallel Panels

(Topelia A132, A105, A106)

A132: PANEL: Fascism Comes to the US: Three Fictional Renderings of the Rise of American Nazism

A105: PANEL “The Fierce Urgency of Now”: The Long Civil Rights Movement in Popular Memory and Public History

A106: PANEL Cold War Neighbors: North American Ideals and Visions of the Soviet Menace


17.00 MLE/Fulbright Meeting & Reception (by invitation only) in City Hall





9.30-11.00 Thursday Early Morning Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A132, A105, A106, F211) 

A132: Chinese-American Literature

A105: PANEL Mutatis Mutandis?: Honor Culture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century South

A106: PANEL Presidential Politics, Clashing Ideologies, and the Future of the Two-Party System in the United States

F211:  PANEL The United States and Finland: Managing Identities and Membership in Racially Complex Societies


11.00-11.30 Coffee


11.30-13.00 Thursday Late Morning Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A132, A105, A106, F211)

A132: Representations of the Environment

A105: Indigenous Sovereignty

A106: North-American Educational Influences around the World

F211: PANEL Peace With Honor? Nation-Building and Human Rights in the Twilight of American Empire


13.00-14.00 Lunch (Unicafe Topelia)


14.00-16.00 Thursday Afternoon Parallel Workshops & Panels (2-hour sessions!)

(Topelia A132, A105, A106, F211)

A105: Conceptualizing/Historicizing Race

A106: Media Politics

F211: Environmental (Non)Policies in North America


16.00-16.30 Coffee (Unicafe Topelia)


16.30-17.30 Pehr Kalm Plenary (Topelia F211)

Chair: Ari Helo (University of Helsinki)

– Alan Taylor (University of Virginia): Thomas Jefferson’s Education


18.00 MLE Reception by the University of Helsinki (by invitation only) (to be confirmed)


FRIDAY, May 18


9.30-11.00 Friday Early Morning Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A105, A106, A132, F211)

A132: Race in Literature

A105: Identity Politics and Ethnic Minorities

A106: Go Global: Eco-Capitalism

F211: Images of Genuine Americanness


11.00-11.30 Coffee


11.30-13.00 Friday Late Morning Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A105, A106, A132, F211)

A132: American Fiction and Identity

A105: Canada – U.S. Relations in Historical Perspective

A106:  Political History Matters

F211: Natural Resources and People’s Rights


13.00-14.00 Lunch (Unicafe Topelia)


14.00-15.30 Friday Early Afternoon Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A105, A106, A132, F211)


A132: Depressing scenarios?: Trump, Apocalypse, and Serial Killer Fiction

A105: The 1960s Legacies in Rights Talks

A106: Identity Politics

F211: Trump Politics


15.30-16.00 Coffee (Unicafe Topelia)


16.00-17.30  Friday Late Afternoon Parallel Workshops & Panels

(Topelia A105, A106, A132, F211)

A105: Women’s Political Rights

A106: The Big Picture: American Imperialism, Anti-Imperialism, or only Exceptionalism

F211: Culture and Subculture


18.00-21.00 MLE Buffet with Closing Remarks by Mikko Saikku and Music Performance by Allan Winkler & Daniel Cobb “American Folksongs: A Reflection of American Culture” at the Tiedekulma/Think Corner Stage on Yliopistonkatu 4 (by invitation only)