Publications & Presentations

As the project progresses, we will be updating here with presentations and publications relating to the project.

Talks and presentations:

Pohjonen, M.; Pantti, M. & Laaksonen, S-M. (2021). From plandemic to kung-flu: the global entanglements of hate speech and digital platform accountability during Covid-19. Paper accepted for Nordmedia 2021 Conference, Reyjavik, Iceland, August 2021.

Laaksonen, S-M. (2021). Tieto ja valetieto teknologisessa mediaympäristössä
Mikkelin Tieteen päivät 13.4.2021.

Pohjonen, M. (2021).  “‘Terrorism Informatics’: ethics of computational methods in extremism research”.  Fireside chat. VOX-Pol Network of Excellence. March 30, 202

Pohjonen, M. (2021). “AI, Hate Speech and Online Content Moderation.” Seminar Series on AI, Hate Speech and Online Content Moderation in the Global South. Programme for Comparative Media Law and Policy, University of Oxford. March 18, 2021

Pohjonen, M. (2020). “Algorithmic mediations of a ‘media in crisis.’” Data analysis and Contemporary Security: AI, Optics, Ethics workshop. Dublin City University (DCU). December 21, 2020



Diepeveen, S., Findlay, K., Gagliardone, I., Olaniran, S., Pohjonen, M. & Tallam, E. (2021, forthcoming). “Demystifying the COVID-19 infodemic: Conspiracies, context and the agency of users.” Social Media + Society (currently in peer-review).