FOR-257 (MARV205)

FOR-257 Multi-Attribute Forest Planning (5 op)

  • III period. Organized every even year.
  • Preceding studies: ME-205, ME-004, ME-005.


To familiarize students with theories and tools used for multi-criteria decision making and participatory planning. Practical forestry applications of different methods and tools are also dealt with.


Decision theory, social choice theory, descriptive decision analysis, decision support tools, participation, group decision making, landscape-ecological planning.

Study material

  • Kangas, A., Kangas, J. & Kurttila, M. 2008. Decision support for forest management. Managing forest ecosystems, vol 16. Springer. 223 p. Chapters 1-3, 7-10. New edition
  • Kangas, A., Kurttila, M, Hujala T, Eyvindson K & Kangas, J. 2015. Decision support for forest management. Managing forest ecosystems, Springer. Chapters 1-4, 9-12.)


Contact teaching 24 h, Group work 24, self study 100 h.


0-5. Luentokuulustelu/tentti & harjoitukset.

Responsible teacher

University lecturer Ilkka Korpela (dos. Teppo Hujala / dos. Kyle Eyvindson).

Additional information

Teaching in English. Opetus järjestetään englanniksi.

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