Study entities

Master-level module

Forest resource management and geoinformatics 25 cr

Compulsory course: cr organized
FOR-254 Metsävarojen inventointi- ja suunnitteluprojekti (Can be completed in English) 10 even years
Choose at least 15 cr of the following courses:
FOR-255 Metsien kehityksen simulointi 5 odd years
FOR-256 Metsäbiometria 5 even years
FOR-257 Multi-attribute Forest Planning 5 even years
 FOR-263 Operations Research in Forest Resource Management  5 even years
 FOR-258 GIS-analyysi ja mallinnus 5 even years
 FOR-259 GIS and RS in environmental and land use applications 5 odd years
FOR-260 Metsien kaukokartoituksen jatkokurssi 5 odd years
Recommended courses:
FOR-007 Tilastollisia malleja: Yleistettyjen lineaaristen mallien perusteet 5
FOR-008 Tilastollinen ennustaminen ja otanta 5
FOR-009 Statistical modeling with R software 5

Study entity in geoinformatics for students outside forest science study programmes