FOR-259 (GIS204)

FOR-259 GIS and RS in environmental and land use applications (5 op)

  • Master students in Forest sciences and in Environmental change and global sustainability, and other master students in relevant master´s degree programmes
  • IV period, odd years
  • Edeltävät opinnot: ME-203 / ME-204 / relevant studies


The course concentrates on GIS and Remote Sensing applications of the environmental and land-use sciences. It introduces the students to Environmental and land-use GIS -systems and their applications through research study cases.


Course consists of 3 Modules (Lectures & Exercises)

  1. GIS and RS in large scale mapping & monitoring applications
  2. GIS based ecological, environmental and land-use analyses
  3. Environmental GIS products & databases

Programs: QGIS, R

Oppimateriaali ja kirjallisuus

Study material will be informed in lectures.


K 20 – H 50 – R10 – I 50


The course grade is determined according to the practical exercises (50 %) and the written examination (50 %), which will both be evaluated on the scale of 0-5.


Prof. Markus Holopainen in Forest sciences, Univ. Lect. Tarmo Virtanen in Environmental change and global sustainability.


Teaching in English. Opetus järjestetään englanniksi.

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