Who can apply?

The applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) by mid or end of July in the year that the application period ends (check the exact date from the instructions of the faculty to which you plan to apply, see the list below).

The applicant must have a solid background in the major subject s/he chooses in the programme. This is important because the studies in the major subject start from the advanced level. You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree on the major subject. What is important is that you have enough previous studies in the subject so that you are well familiar with the key theories, methods and questions.

The sufficiency and relevancy of your previous studies will be evaluated individually based on the information provided in the application. You can contact the programme coordinator for more advice on choosing the major subject.

Besides these requirements, you also need to fulfill the general requirements set by the faculty and university for international master’s degree students (e.g. regarding language skills). For more information, see

How to apply?

The general instructions for applying to international master’s degree programmes at the University of Helsinki are available here:

It is possible to apply for one major subject only. Make sure choose the right faculty from the application form:

Area and Cultural Studies: Faculty of Arts
Economic and Social History: Faculty of Social Sciences
General History: Faculty of Arts
Political History: Faculty of Social Sciences
Political Science/Politics: Faculty of Social Sciences

More information and link to the application form can also be found here:

European Studies, Master of Social Sciences
European Studies, Master of Arts