Degree structure

The studies consist of major subject studies and multidisciplinary elective studies. At the beginning of your studies, you will do a personal study plan. The degree structure gives a broad outline for your studies and you have a lot of freedom to design your own curriculum.

This gives you excellent opportunities to specialize on topics of your choice and choose study methods that you are most comfortable with.

MES introduction (5 ECTS)
This course will familiarise you with the European studies as a multidisciplinary research field at the University of Helsinki and beyond.

Timing: 1st year

Major subject studies (25-30 ECTS)
The major subject studies will deepen your understanding of methods and theories. The studies start directly from the advanced level, so you are expected to have a solid background on the major subject when you enter the programme.

Timing: 1st year

Multidisciplinary elective studies (19-24 ECTS)
The elective studies will deepen your knowledge in the European studies in other fields of study and provides you with the opportunity to focus on questions that you are most interested in.

Timing: 1st year

Master’s thesis and master’s thesis seminars (15+40 ECTS)
At the second year of your studies, you will write a master’s thesis (pro gradu) on a European studies related topic. The length of the study is between 60-100 pages. You will regularly present your work in master’s thesis seminars and get feedback from your academic supervisor.

Timing: 2nd year

Other studies (11 ECTS)
In addition to the required components, you can also include in your degree e.g. language courses, internship, working life orientation courses, any other courses on offer that interest you etc.

Timing: 1st and 2ndyear