Major subjects

The programme offers a range of major subjects to choose from. When you choose the major, please note that you need to have a solid background on that subject.

It is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree on the same major subject. What is important is that your previous studies provide you with a good command of the theories, methods and key questions of that subject.

The prior background is required because the studies in the major subject start directly from the advanced level.

The major subjects that you can choose from:

Political Science majors
Political Science/Politics

History majors
Political History
Economic and Social History
General History

Area and Cultural Studies majors
Area and Cultural Studies, three specialization lines
European Area and Cultural Studies
Nordic Studies
East Central European, Balkan and Baltic Studies
Uncertain about which major subject you should choose? Feel free to contact the programme coordinator for more information!

Degree obtained

The degree which you will obtain depends on your major subject. It will give you an eligibility for doctoral studies in your that subject.

Master of Social Sciences – Political Science/Politics, Political Science/Administration and Organisations, Political History, Economic and Social History

Master of Arts – Area and Cultural Studies, General History