What do our students say

High student satisfaction

We constantly develop the programme based on feedback that we gather from students twice a year. The students are also represented in the steering group that is responsible for directing the programme.

The programme has a very high level of student satisfaction. Here are a few examples of what the students have said about it:

“Higher education is free in Finland for people from all over the world, so you would think it would be almost impossible to get a place, but I think people don’t always think about Finland. And yet it has very good universities and high standards.” http://www.theguardian.com/education/2015/nov/13/if-you-cant-afford-a-masters-in-the-uk-try-studying-abroad

”It has been nice to get together with students from other fields of study to discuss the topics of the lectures. You get a lot of different views and the people approach the questions that we deal with differently.”

“The atmosphere in the programme is really open. Students and lecturers in the programme, even though they come from many different backgrounds, are still really supportive towards each other.”

“For those interested in Finland and her immediate neighbourhood, whether that be the Nordic countries or Eastern Europe, there are interesting courses available and there is a great deal of specialist expertise as well.”

“Some people might assume that the program is just about EU studies but it is so much more. Program is really flexible as it provides teaching and courses suitable for students own interests in mind.”

“What I really like in this programme is the interdisciplinary and flexibility. My major is General History, but I am also interested in Political History and Geography. Thanks to the elective studies, I have had a chance to take courses in these fields as well.”