Installing Mathematica

To install Mathematica, create a Wolfram ID at https://account.wolfram.com using your firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi email address. Once you have created your account you can download the installer from the Wolfram User Portal. You should see “Mathematica for Sites 11.3” available for download. UH has acquired a campus license for Mathematica so you will receive the activation key to your university email address.

It’s recommended to install Mathematica on your laptop before the first session but if you are having trouble we will help you during the sessions.

N.B. Some people have had trouble getting their Mathematica activated in the way described above. An alternative way is to download and install any version of Mathematica and use a licence activation server. For University of Helsinki, this involves making a VPN connection to the helsinki.fi network (Google: VPN helsinki.fi or something similar) and using server concession-2-18.it.helsinki.fi or atom.physics.helsinki.fi.

If you are still having trouble with installation, contact us.


lecture-1-2018 (September 10)

lecture-2-2018 (September 12)

lecture-3-2018 (September 14, added Sep 18)

lecture-4-2018 (September 17)

lecture-5-2018 (September 19)

lecture-6-2018 (September 21)

Problem sets

Problem Set 1 – Solutions

Problem Set 2 (September 12, updated) – Solutions

Problem Set 3 (September 21) – Solutions

Classical mechanics: mechanics-problems-2018 (September 24) – Solutions

Electrodynamics: ed-problems (September 24) – Solutions

Numerics: numerics-problems (September 24) – Solutions

Quantum mechanics: QMex-2018 (September 24) – Solutions

General relativity (and differential geometry): GRex-2018, also: diffgeom-setup-2018 (September 24) – Solutions

Machine learning: ml-problems (September 24) – Solutions

Statistical physics: stafyproblems-2018 (September 24) – Solutions

Final projects (choose one)

Numerical integration project – Solutions

Classical mechanics project – Solutions

Electrodynamics Project – Solutions

Quantum mechanics project – Solutions

Ising model project – Solutions

Entanglement project, see also: entanglement_intro – Solutions

General relativity project, see also: GR_intro – Solutions