Conferment ceremony

Conferment ceremony and church service

The conferment ceremony is a solemn occasion, which is reflected in the dress code.

For the ceremony, female graduands, companions and guests all wear a full-length, long-sleeved black evening dress, which may also be a trouser suit. Shoes and tights must be black. All ladies, including companions and guests, are recommended to leave their purses with the attendant at the cloakroom for the duration of the ceremony.

Male graduands and companions wear evening attire, i.e., white tie. Companions may also choose to wear the uniform of their profession. During the conferment ceremony, the waistcoat worn with the white tie must be black. Male companions must follow the same dress code as the male graduands. If they so wish, male companions may wear a dark suit; the dark suit worn instead of a full dress must be black.

Doctoral guests and their companions may take their doctoral hats to the ceremony. Doctoral hats from universities abroad may also be worn. Holders of the doctorate who have been conferred their degrees in an earlier ceremony shall not carry their swords. The hat must be carried to the Great Hall so that it rests on the left arm and is worn only when the Conferrer puts his or her hat on. When entering the church, both men and women take off their hats and hold them in their laps during the service. Also, for the duration of the national anthem of Finland sung at the conferment ceremony, both men and women shall take off their doctoral hats.

When state decorations are worn, they must be full-sized and not miniatures. Academic decorations and medals, student association ribbons and such are not worn to the conferment ceremony.