Conferment dinner and ball

The conferment ceremony and church service are followed by a gala dinner and ball.

For this evening gala, female graduands, companions and guests wear a full-length evening dress, the colour of which they may freely choose. They are, however, requested to refrain from wearing white, as white evening dresses are reserved for other academic festivities. Hence, unlike in the conferment ceremonies of other faculties, doctoral graduands at the Faculty of Medicine need not wear a black evening dress to the conferment dinner and ball. The evening dress may be sleeveless or with sleeves; the main point is that it is appropriate for an academic gala.

All men wear evening attire, i.e. white tie, with a white waistcoat. Male companions and guests may also wear the official uniform of their profession.

Hats and swords should be left at home or in the cloakroom at the restaurant.

The protocol for wearing state decorations is the same as for the conferment ceremony.