Hat and Sword

Doctoral hat

The hat worn by holders of a doctoral degree in medicine or dentistry from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, is green. The hat worn by holders of a doctorate in philosophy is black. Both doctoral hats are adorned by a cockade, which bears the emblem of the Faculty of Medicine.

Holders of a doctoral degree in medicine or dentistry completed before 1966 have black hats. This means that the jubilee doctors who were awarded their degrees 50 years ago (their hats dating from 1960) shall wear black doctoral hats to the conferment ceremony.


Doctoral sword

In Finland, doctoral graduands carry a sword designed by the artist Akseli Gallén-Kallela. This is the only official civilian sword in Finland; no military swords, doctoral swords from universities abroad or any other kinds of swords may be carried at the conferment ceremony.

Men shall attach the sword to the waistband of their trousers. In the case of the ladies, a good option is to attach the sword on a black sash draped over the shoulder or on a belt worn under their dress. In the latter case, a small hole must be left on the seam at the waist on the left side for attaching the sword to the belt. When choosing a ready-made dress or having one made, the ladies should take the sword into consideration.

Holders of a doctorate who have been conferred their degrees in an earlier ceremony shall not carry their swords in the present ceremony. Only the following persons shall carry swords in this conferment ceremony: doctoral graduands, the Conferrer, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal.