Yhteistyökumppanit – Affiliations

The Nordic Research Network in Journalism Studies  is a project with around 60 participants from fourteen universities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania, funded by Nordforsk. The project is coordinated by the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, Stockholm University.

The French based Projet Pressure network, the core of which is based at the universities of Lille, Limoges and Strasbourg. The network is concerned with sociological investigations of the world of lobbying in the EU.

The pan European Think Tank Network Initiative. The network has pioneered a wiki website profiling think tanks and data analysis, visualising think tank network data. The network has held panels at conferences of the IPA Grenoble (2010), Cardiff (2011), Tillburg (2012) and the ECPR, Potsdam (2010), Reykjavik (2011) and a mini conference at the SASE annual event in Madrid in 2011.

The upcoming Bath Policy Research Institut.

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