Apply for the group mentoring programme!

The group mentoring programme 2019–2020 starts in November. Students of the University of Helsinki can apply by the 14ht of October. The groups will be filled in order of registration, so act fast!

In the mentoring groups, students discuss different career paths and their strengths related to job hunting. The group brings added value, as students receive the support not only of their mentors, but also peers in the same situation.

After the previous season of the group mentoring programme a stunning 100 % of the mentors recommended taking part in the mentoring process!

Mentoring increased my confidence and optimism and developed my self-reflection skills, says one of the actors who participated in programme in season 201819.


The application time for students is 2nd –14th of October 2019. The groups will be filled in order of registration and you need to hand in an assignment with the application.

The programme is being organized for the 9th  time and the following events are for all participants:

  • The group mentoring kick-off on 20.11.2019 at 17.00–19.00
  • Group meetings (5-6 times)
  • The group mentoring closing 18.5.2020

The programme offers a choice of 36 mentors (4 English speaking mentors), who are alumni representing different fields in society. The background of studying at the University of Helsinki joins them all all. You may read their descriptions here.

Make use of this opportunity and sign up!

The programme is organised by UH Career services together with Helsinki Alumni -network.