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Applying for the 2022–2023 Group Mentoring Programme

The group mentoring programme of 2022–2023 will be kicked off at an initial meeting on November 23rd 2022. Before this a meet&greet -type question hour for mentors and actors will be organised on Zoom on 15.11.2022. A final meeting will be organized on May 22nd 2023 on Viikki campus. This is the 12th season of the programme!

This year there are groups that will meet completely remotely and groups which can decide together if they want to meet live. The language of the joint events is English. Between the initial and final meeting the mentoring groups will meet approximately once a month. Sign up for the programme on this page!

Student, sign up as an actor – application period 26.9.– 16.10.2022
Please note: the application period for 2022 – 2023 has closed. If you applied you will receive a confirmation by the end of October.

The application period for students is 26.9.– 16.10.2022. There are seven English speaking mentoring groups, and each group has a maximum of four students. The groups will be filled in order of registration, so act fast! The programme is aimed at the students and recent graduates (max. 12 months after graduating) of the University of Helsinki.

Student, apply to group mentoring with this LYYTI-form.

The following criteria must be met, if you wish to apply for the programme:

  • You are willing to ponder questions related to your future plans and professional identity.
  • You are able to attend group mentoring meetings during programme approximately once a month (November to May).

The programme offers a choice of 33 mentors in total (7 English speaking and 1 Swedish speaking mentoring groups), who are alumni representing different fields in society. The English speaking groups are marked “mentoring in English”. This year there are groups that will meet completely remotely and groups which can decide together if they want to meet live. The groups working remotely are marked “mentoring group works remotely” The group forming criteria are:

  1. Preferred mentor(s)
  2. Order of registration
  3. Commitment to the group mentoring programme

Get to know the introduction of the 2022–2023 mentors and let us know your top 3 choices of mentors while sending the application.

The application includes this pre-assigment, which you can also find on the application form. Complete the assignment first, save the document (firstname_lastname.pdf) and leave it as an attachment on the form. Your answers on the online form and the application assignment are very important, as they are the basis of the group forming and they will be send to your mentor.

Make use of this opportunity and sign up! We will let you know about the results of the application process on 28.10.2022 at latest.

More information about the application process: careerservices(at)

Sign up as a Mentor!

Students of the University of Helsinki need support from alumni of their own fields. You have the opportunity to provide this support in the students’ path towards graduation and working life. The sign up period for the season 2022–2023 has already been closed, but you will be able to sign up again in autumn 2023 for the 2023–2024 programme. Stay tuned!

More information for the mentors: marja.peltomaki(at)

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