All service and equipment use are charged on an hourly basis. Typically imaging time for one volume of interest varies between 1 to 3 hours. Lower resolution scans (several microns resolution) are typically at the faster end of the scale. If you are imaging multiple samples, please contact us to get a test scan and an accurate estimation of the cost based on suitably optimized imaging parameters.

Imaging service prices for University of Helsinki

  • Imaging service 100 € / hour
  • Imaging equipment rent for a trained user 40 € / hour
  • Data analysis service 60 € / hour

Imaging service prices for other academic users

  • Imaging service 120 € / hour
  • Imaging equipment rent for a trained user 50 € / hour
  • Data analysis service 80 € / hour

Note: In order to qualify for the academic pricing, the results have to be published and an acknowledgement of the MicroCT lab should be added to the publications that use the measured data (This work used services of the Helsinki University X-Ray Micro-CT Laboratory).

Imaging service prices for industry

  • Imaging service 200 € / hour
  • Imaging equipment rent for a trained user 60 € / hour
  • Data analysis service 140 € / hour

The prices on this page are valid until further notice. We reserve the right to adjust the prices without prior notice. The prices are quoted as VAT 0%