Keynote speakers

Dear everyone

We are excited to announce our three keynote speakers:

Alexander Tveit from UiT, The Arctic University of Norway. Alexander Tveit works as the Leader of CECO (Cells in the Cold) laboratory. His current research is focused on how micro-organisms play an important role in global carbon cycling.

Marja Roslund from LUKE (Natural Resources Institute Finland). Marja Roslund currently works on BIWE: biodiversity interventions for well-being project. Her research tries to find out the connections between human health and nature, especially biodiversity loss and urbanization.

Juha Saarikangas from the University of Helsinki. Juha Saarikangas works as the Associate Professor at the Helsinki Institute of Life Sciences, HiLIFE and leads the research group Cellular Individuality. His research focuses on how dynamic alterations in protein folding and assembly states regulate the phenotypic plasticity of cells and organisms.

We hope that you are as excited as we are on our amazing keynote speakers! See you on 11 May 2023!