The Microbiology Day 2023 organizers

The Microbiology Day 2023 organizers

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Jenni HultmanJenni Hultman

Jenni Hultman is a Senior Scientist at LUKE, PI in the Arctic microbial ecology research group and one of the MBDP Board members. Her research focuses on the molecular microbial ecology, especially at the Arctic and Sub-Arctic, and in the interaction of microbes with other biotic and abiotic variables. By combining cutting edge high-throughput sequencing technologies, biotechnology, genetics of microorganisms, bioinformatics, and development of new techniques she studies the genetic response of both the arctic microbes and microbes in restored peatland ecosystems in changing environmental conditions. This will allow us to fully understand the biochemical cycles in soil, which are largely influenced by the microbial activity.

Katariina Lahti-Leikas Katariina Lahti-Leikas

Katariina Lahti-Leikas studies the remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. The degradation of diesel oil, both renewable and fossil, and chlorinated ethenes are in the center of her research. She has studied the possibility to stimulate native microbes present in the contaminated areas to break down the contaminants. In her research biostimulation is usually combined with other remediation techniques. One of them is nanoiron, which is a new technique in Finland.

Katariina has graduated from the University of Helsinki in environmental ecology. After starting her PhD in 2020 she has worked in many Interreg and ERDF projects dealing with remediation of contaminated areas

Muhammad Suleman QasimSuleman Qasim

Suleman works on dissecting the translational effects of post-transcriptional RNA modifications in vitro using a simplified cell-free translation system.

Suleman finished his M.Sc degree from University of Helsinki in Molecular Biotechnology. He later joined RNAcious lab in the summers of 2019 and started working on stress-induced modifications in the tRNA on Shewanella bacteria. He is passionate about RNA biology, and epigenetic modifications on RNA molecule.